President's Message

April 2014

Dear ISM-New York Members,
Spring is finally here and it's a welcome change of seasons - given a somewhat snowy winter.  Stocks have continued to advance and many of our firms are performing better than in previous years.  It is the end of the first quarter and financial results will follow shortly.  And in most cases, 2014 goals are now firmly in place and the execution phase has begun. 
As corporate profits and productivity increases, so does the need for additional talent, leadership and skills.  Many firms are hiring more people and loosening the training and development budgets previously restricted by a recovering economy.  My question:  What is your strategy for taking advantage of this potential opportunity at your firm?  You need a plan!
Supply management professionals are strategic or most would not be in the positions we occupy.  Professionals, no matter the industry strive to become smarter each year. The question is what makes one smart? Is it inherent? Years of experience? Books that we read? Seminars that we attend? People that we know and associate with?  Frankly, it's all of the above.  What makes us stand out even more is our strategy for staying smarter and how we manage and interact with people, stakeholders and suppliers.  Does your plan help you stay smarter?
In this month's newsletter, once again I encourage you to reevaluate the road-map to career advancement, leadership development and strategic thinking.  Ask yourself: What training do you participate in? Do you interact with peers on a regular basis?  Do you engage professionals that are different from you? Do you have a collaborative approach with colleagues and staff that allow a diversity of thought to be heard in your organization?  Take a look at what ISM-New York offers and think about getting out of the norm at ISM-New York events.
ISM-New York is hosting a Supplier Diversity Expo at Pfizer on April 24th.  I hope that you can join us for networking, matchmaking and meeting some great diverse suppliers that have registered for this year's event.  Most important I want to continue the discussions among colleagues that make  each one of us a smarter professional.
Keith Hines
President, ISM-New York



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